Zoo Med Box Cavern Kit with Excavator 12lb

By Zoo Med
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Zoo Med Cavern Kit with Excavator

Everything you need to make caverns, tunnels, and shelters with Excavator?? Clay Substrate. When working with Excavator?? Clay, your imagination is the limit! So have fun and get creative making an exciting, naturalistic habitats for your pet!
Excavator is an amazing forming clay that allows you to create elaborate desert setups, while still allowing your pet to form their own network of tunnels and burrows.
It allows reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature. Watch your reptiles perform natural digging behaviors; mold and create multi-level terraces and burrows in your reptiles terrarium Make your reptiles feel like they are "at home" in their natural habitat. Excavator??? holds its shape so burrows and tunnels wont collapse. All Natural! No added dyes, colors, or chemicals.

-12lb of Excavator Substrate
-7" Tunnel Tube
-5" Round Balloons (2)
-9" Round Balloons(2)
-Balloon Attachment Assembly
-10" Shovel
-Excavator Mixing Bag
-Full Installation Booklet