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Exo Terra

Over time, Exo Terra has established itself as the leading provider of reptile products tailored for natural terrariums. This accomplishment was achieved in their philosophy of continuous innovation, which has become a fundamental commitment, culture, and attitude.

Today, Exo Terra maintains its tradition of developing innovative products for natural terrariums and their inhabitants.

By collaborating with renowned herpetologists and breeders worldwide, and drawing from their own experiences as reptile hobbyists, they have focused on the essential aspects of captive husbandry for reptiles and amphibians. Field studies and observations in captivity have contributed to the research and development process.

The shift towards more realistic and naturalistic terrarium landscapes has made reptile and amphibian keeping more fulfilling than ever. This trend not only provides an opportunity for us to learn about the natural conditions in which these creatures live but also offers a new perspective. Simulating natural habitats allows us to bring a piece of the wilderness into our own homes.

The terrarium is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of successful reptile and amphibian keeping. With many species having different requirements, a versatile and easily adaptable terrarium is essential. Exo Terra has developed a wide range of terrariums with specific features to meet the needs of herpetologists and, more importantly, the needs of reptiles and amphibians. These terrariums can be used for various applications and setups, from temporary housing to state-of-the-art natural terrariums.