Anarchy Sahara Sunset 10kg

By Anarchy
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Anarchy Sahara Sunset 10kg is not currently in our store but there is more on the way. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Subject to availability.

Anarchy Natural Reptile Sand is a safe and natural desert sand that contains no artificial dyes or chemicals.   It allows you to create a natural desert environment for your reptiles. It stimulates normal digging and burrowing behaviours.  Small, smooth grain size is gentle on soft bellies making it an ideal substrate for desert reptiles.

Specialist breeders and leading reptile keepers use and recommend Anarchy Reptile Natural Reptile Sands.

Anarchy Reptile Natural Reptile Sand 

• Clumping natural desert sand with NO artificial dyes or chemicals

• Screened to remove any impurities

• Encourages natural burrowing behaviour

• Allows easy removal of reptile’s waste

• Excellent, safe heat conductor

• Small grain size minimises potential irritation to soft bellies

• Suitable substrate for egg-layers


Place Anarchy Reptile Natural Reptile Sand on bottom of terrarium to a depth of approximately 1-2” (25 - 50mm). 10kg will cover approximately 2 square feet to a depth of 2 inches. Replace wet or soiled sections as necessary.  Reptiles benefit from having suitable heating and lighting to maintain good health, we recommend Anarchy Reptile Heat Mats and Lighting products.