Eco Tech Desert Sand Natural Red

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Desert Terrarium Substrate

  • Natural desert sand, no added dyes or chemicals
  • Creates a natural and attractive desert environment 
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior 
  • Suitable as egg-laying substrate

Desert Sand Red is natural desert sand with no added dyes or chemicals. The sand has been sifted to remove impurities and to obtain a homogenous sand grain size.

Deserts of the World
Approximately one-third of the Earth’s land surface is desert, arid land with little rainfall that supports only sparse vegetation. Reptiles living in deserts have adapted to the arid environment, the sand and the higher UV-radiation. 

True To Nature


The Desert Substrates consist of actual natural desert sands with no added dyes or chemicals. The constant movement of desert sand through the wind results in the abrading and rounding of the quartz sand grains. Compared to sands with a coarse, gritty texture, like for instance play sand, these natural, evenly rounded quartz grains of the Desert Substrates reduce the risk of impaction in the event of accidental ingestion by the animals tremendously. 


The Desert Substrates mimic the natural sands found in arid desert or savannah regions, and stimulate the natural digging and burrowing behavior of your desert animals. The specific weight of the desert sand gives your reptiles a good firm grip on the substrate, increasing your reptiles sense of safety and comfort.

Stimulate Natural Behaviour
Optimal Heat Retention


Substrates in natural terrariums serve many functions and are not only there for decorative purposes. They play a very important role in the determination of the terrarium's microclimate. The Desert Substrates allow you to create your own natural desert or savannah landscape.