Eco Tech Dimming Day/Night Reptile Thermostat

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Eco Tech Dimming Day/Night Reptile Thermostat is not currently in our store but there is more on the way. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Subject to availability

Advanced Reptile Dimming Thermostat Day and Night Temperature Control

Controls heating devices up to 1200 watts for night and day temperatures with dimming control for longer life of heat globes. Unlike On/Off Thermostats this dimming one dims your heat lamps to save element wear and tear on the globe. includes timer capable of controlling lighting or ventilation fans from a separate plug.

The Advanced Reptile Dimming Thermostat has an Alarm function for Temperature difference (between 1 - 5C) Measured Temperature is displayed.1.5 metres of Cable. No hard wiring needed plug and play!
Suitable for use with heat globes, heat mats, heat cables, rock heaters and ceramic heat emitters.

  • Full function day night thermostat with timer at a very reasonable price
  • Dimming heat control
  • Temperature control range 0 to 50C
  • Australian standard electrical plug
  • Australian standard socket board that accepts Australian 2 and 3 pin plugs
  • Simple to use - just plug your heat source into the thermostat and start using - no electricians nor wiring required.
  • Plug in thermostat with easy to read digital LCD display
  • Acts as a thermostat, timer, and thermometer.
  • Can be used for both ambient air and water temperatures.
  • Two sockets - one for heating based upon thermostat control, and the other for lighting based upon an inbuilt timer
  • Extra long waterproof probe sensor on 1.5m flexible cable
  • Inbuilt timer to control light source
  • Timer has multiple settings and works on a 24 hour clock basis ensuring accuracy
  • Temperature Measuring Range: 0 to 50C
  • Temperature Controlling Range: 0 to 50C
  • Temperature controlling precision: +/- 1C
  • Voltage: 220V +/- 10%
  • Power Consumption: 3W
  • Controlling Load: 1200W
  • Electrical current: <8A
  • Sensing element: NTC
  • Alarm sounds when temperature exceeds set parameters
  • Length of external sensor: 90cm
  • Comes with English language instructions