Eco Tech Ezy Set Reptile Thermostat

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With the Eco Tech Ezy Set On/Off Thermostat, you can control all common vivarium heaters up to a maximum load of 1000watts.  

This new design is very reliable and simple to use.

It is very accurate, being able to maintain a stable temperature at the probe location.  The continuous temperature readout allows it to be used as an additional thermometer.

Use to control:

  • Heat Globes
  • Ceramic Heat Emitters
  • Heat Cables
  • Heat Rocks & Mats

Features & Benefits:

  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Alarm function to alert incorrect temperature
  • Real time Temperature Display
  • Sensitivity function to vary response time
  • High accuracy thermostat +/- 1°C
  • 2 year warranty

Suitable for:

  • Amphibian Enclosures
  • Reptime Enclosures
  • Planted Terrariums
  • Invertebrate Enclosures
  • Aquariums

Install the temperature sensor in a suitable place inside the terrarium or aquarium.
Only the probe is safe to place in water.

As you should be trying to develop a temperature gradient within a reptile or amphibian enclosure you will need to determine which area you wish to control with the thermostat. In most instances placing the sensor n the middle, at the rear of the terrarium just above the substrate is recommended.  Ensure the sensor is not touching a heating device or is so close as to be affected by radiant heat.

For Aquariums ensure there is good water flow around the sensor.

Position the thermostat itself in such a way that you easily view and control the displayed temperature at all times.
The device you wish to control needs to be plugged into the control socket at the back of the unit.  You can then plug the thermostat into a mains power socket, the red LED will light up immediately showing the current temperature at the probe location, also indicating the unit is ready to be adjusted.