Eco Tech Hermit Crab Heat Mat 14 x 15cm 5w

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Eco Tech Hermit Crab Heat Pad Mat 5w 14 x 15cm

The Eco Tech Hermit Crab Heat Mat is an efficient piece to provide heat in your small enclosures and terrariums. Also suitable for small glass fish tanks

  • Suitable for hermit crabs, spiders, scorpions or any small animals.
  • Easy to use
  • Size: 14 x 15cm
  • Contains an adhesive back for quick and secure application

Tips on usage:

  • For optimum effect, position the mat as low as possible so that the mat extends below and above the substrate used.
  • The mat can be used on the base of the tank providing there is an air gap beneath the mat once attached.
  • If required you can add spacers to lift the tank.
  • DO NOT use on the base of the tank if a thick substrate is used.