Eco Tech Power LED 60cm 39w

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Eco Tech Power LED 60cm 39w is not currently in our store but there is more on the way. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Subject to availability.

Eco Tech Terrarium Plant LED Light Bar 60cm

The Eco Tech Power LED creates a huge flood of light that is perfect for plant growth and general viewing.  Terrarium plants will thrive under the carefully selected spectrum, reptiles and amphibians will look their best. The range consists of 4 sizes, each built specifically to allow fitting over standard Glass ‘mesh topped’ terrariums, or fitted inside of live planted or more  traditional dry enclosures. (Mounting kit included)

The Eco Tech Power LED sets new standard in reptile, vivarium and terrarium enclosure lighting.  The Eco Tech Power LED can also be used for general terraestrial plant installations in grow rooms or grow tents over a wide variety of plants. 

No need to purchase grow lights that are overly red or blue - Power LED mimics sunlight to produce a crisp white light.

The Eco Tech Power LED uses the very latest in ‘High Output, Full-Spectrum’ LED technology to provide a high level of visible light even in tall enclosures.

 -Full-Spectrum LED

 -High PAR, PUR, CRI

 -Complete kit


-Only 39w

-Fits all Mesh topped terrariums

-216 LED Lights

-Size 573mm Long x 59mmm Wide x 46mm High