Reptile One Infrared Heat Lamp 75w

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Reptile One Infrared Heat Lamp 75w is not currently in our store but there is more on the way. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Subject to availability

Reptile One Infrared Far Heat Lamp Carbon Fibre Filament 75W

Reptile One Carbon Fibre Filament Heat Lamp creates the optimal environment and temperature for your reptile.

Designed with carbon fibre technology, the filaments emit infrared heatwaves allowing constant use without affecting your reptiles vision and night routine.

Suitable for Snakes, Lizards & Geckos

Features & Benefits:

  • Carbon fibre filament emits infrared heatwaves allowing constant use without affecting your reptiles vision
  • Produces a faint red light that will not disrupt normal day/night time routine
  • Heatwaves supplied from the carbon fibre filament penetrate the skin and scales to promote reptile health
  • Efficient 24-hour heat source
  • Heat lamp heats instantly, providing maximum comfort for your reptile
  • Easy grip silicone guard minimises risk of damaging the carbon fibre filament
  • Flat metal mesh base provides a wider heated area
  • Available in various sizes
  • Far infrared
  • Minimal visible light
  • Parabolic reflector
  • Up to 800 hours
  • Includes silicon heat guard

Notes, Hints & Tips:

  • Reptile One recommends using the Carbon Fibre Filament Heat Lamp with the Reptile One Certamic Socket when using heat lamps.
  • When changing the heat lamp, be sure to let it cool down before handling.
  • Ensure Reptiles and Amphibians are not able to touch the surface of the heat lamp as they can burn easily.
  • Do not touch heat lamp while switched on.
  • Allow to cool before attempting to remove heat lamp from socket.
  • When replacing heat lamp, ensure the unit is switched off.
  • Ensure reptile cannot encounter heat lamp.