Reptile One ReptiGlo RG90 Single T5 Reflector 90cm

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Reptile One ReptiGlo RG90 Single T5 Reflector 90cm is not currently in our store but there is more on the way. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Subject to availability

Reptile One ReptiGlo T5 Reflectors are an energy-efficient, low profile, single tube reflector used to house T5 UVB fluorescent light tubes.
T5 UVB fluorescent light tubes produce the required UVA and UVB spectra found in sunlight and naturally produce Vitamin D3.
ReptiGlo T5 Reflectors enable the T5 UVB fluorescent light tube to operate and are an essential part of your terrarium.

Features & Benefits:

  • Energy efficient electronic ballast, no need to replace starters
  • Low profile reflector provides more flexibility for placement
  • Curved silver reflector maximises light output
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Suitable for all standard T5 fluorescent tubes* (*sold separately)
  • Available in various sizes

Available in:

Model Dimensions Tube Length Wattage
RG30 31.3 x 6 x 4.2 cm 30cm 8W

57.3 x 6 x 4.2 cm

60cm 24W

91.3 x 6 x 4.2 cm

90cm 30W
RG120 117.3 x 6 x 4.2cm 120cm 54W

Included in Box:

  • T5 Reflector
  • Power Socket
  • Power Plug
  • Switch
  • Main Power Plug

Suitable for: Snakes, Lizards and Scorpions



  • The ReptiGlo light unit is not designed to work in a wet environment. Do not use where open water or misters are present. Do NOT mount above an aquarium.
  • Read and follow all safety instructions and important notices.
  • Regular maintenance of this product and components are required in order to keep equipment within Guarantee and to maintain fish health.