Tropical Reptile Carnivore Soft Line

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Tropical Reptile Carnivore Soft Line

Food for carnivorous and omnivorous reptiles.
Feeding reptiles is not the easiest thing. Many carnivorous species eat almost exclusively live or frozen food. Also in the case of herbivorous reptiles, the diet is largely based on fresh ingredients. Such food is not always available, it does not provide all the necessary nutrients and requires supplementation with mineral and vitamin preparations. Foods from the Soft line for reptiles are a unique combination of soft granules with ingredients such as dried crickets and mealworm larvae (for carnivorous reptiles) and dried herbs (for herbivorous reptiles). These additional components also have a soft consistency. Soft line foods, thanks to their soft consistency and the richness of the ingredients used, allow you to feed reptiles in a way that is close to natural.

- multi-ingredient food with the addition of dried mealworm larvae and dried crickets
- intended for daily feeding of bearded dragons and pond dragons, leopard geckos, semi-aquatic and aquatic turtles, monitor lizards and other lizards that feed on insects
- the main ingredient of the food are extruded sticks that contain, among others, : fish, shrimps, krill and gammarus
- chitin present in the food regulates digestion
- thanks to properly selected vitamins and microelements, the food prevents deficiencies of these substances and keeps reptiles in excellent condition
- the soft consistency of the food makes it more readily accepted by animals

Feeding : 1- 2 times a day. Remove uneaten food remains from the feeder or water.