WIO - Artist Cocoa

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Add a warm and inviting ambiance to your aquatic biotope with Wetland Artist Cocoa substrate. This unique substrate is made from 100% natural clay and is available in both normal and fine grain sizes. It provides a complete nutrient supply of macro and microelements for long-term growth and beauty of your aquatic plants.

  • Description

    Wetland Artist Cocoa is an exceptional substrate that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere to your aquarium. Inspired by the rich and fertile soils found in tropical forests and wetlands, this substrate provides a natural source of nutrients for aquatic plants, promoting long-term growth and beauty. Wetland Artist Cocoa is made from 100% natural clay raw materials and comes in both normal and fine grain sizes, making it suitable for all aquarium depths, including deep public aquariums.


    In addition to its nutrient-rich composition, Wetland Artist Cocoa offers a bio-filtering function that enhances microbial colonization, reducing the buildup of harmful substances and promoting a healthy ecosystem. This not only benefits your aquatic plants but also your fish and other aquatic animals, providing them with a safe and natural environment to thrive in.


    Use Wetland Artist Cocoa to create a naturalistic and immersive experience that will inspire and delight aquarium hobbyists and nature lovers alike.

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • No need to rinse the substrate before use, it's ready to use straight out of the bag.
  • Spread the substrate evenly in the tank to achieve the desired thickness and create the perfect aquatic environment.
  • Wet the soil before planting to help the substrate settle and create a stable base for your aquatic plants.
  • For easy planting of small foreground plants, you can add the fine-grain version on top of the normal grain version.
  • Pour water gently on top of a hard surface to avoid disturbing the substrate and plants.
  • During the initial setup period, the aquarium water may turn cloudy, but don't worry, this is normal. Simply turn on the filter, and the cloudiness should disappear in a few hours.


With Wetland Artist Substrate, you can create the perfect aquatic biotope quickly and easily. Its unique design and nutrient-rich composition make it the ideal choice for any aquascape.