WIO - Bam Lava Stone - Box Set 10kg

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Bam is a dark brown, highly textured volcanic rock that adds a primordial feel to your aquatic or terrestrial habitat. Its texture provide an ideal backdrop for plants to grow epiphytic, making it a great addition to any aquarium or terrarium. 

  • Description

    Bam Stone is a highly sought-after rock that adds a unique dimension to any aquascape. This volcanic rock is characterized by its rugged texture and character, which are created by the intense heat and pressure of the Earth's volcanic fires. The dark brown color of Bam Stone provides an ideal backdrop for bright green aquatic plants, creating vivid contrasts that are visually stunning.


    The rugged texture of Bam Stone is perfect for epiphytic plants to grow into, providing them with a natural substrate to take root in. The many crevices and fissures in the rock provide ample space for plants to grow and thrive, while also adding an element of natural beauty to your aquarium or terrarium.


    Bam Stone has an ancient and primordial feel that makes it seem like it has been a part of your display for centuries. The unique texture and character of the rock add depth and interest to your aquascape, creating a visually stunning display that is sure to impress.


    Bam Stone is also highly porous, providing a perfect environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive. The porous nature of the rock allows water to flow freely through it, creating an ideal habitat for a variety of aquatic species.


    Furthermore, Bam Stone has no impact on water hardness, making it an ideal choice for aquarists who want to maintain a stable water chemistry. 

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • It can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments.
  • Rinse rocks and stones with water before use. Use a brush to clean it before introducing the stones in the aquarium.
  • Avoid placing rocks directly on the glass as they can be very heavy and sharp. Instead, place substrate or our LandForms before placing the hardscape to help fix the exact stone position with more freedom.
  • Always secure the stones, especially when placing one rock on top of another, you can do so with our ScapeBound, as the top rock may move or fall during regular maintenance, harming your dwellers or even breaking the aquarium.
  • Position stones a few centimeters/inches away from aquarium glass walls to facilitate maintenance.
  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals