WIO - Eonian Red

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Designed to recreate the unique reddish hue and earthy tones found in the silt and mud substrates of aquatic habitats in Oceania, West Africa, tropical Asia, and South America. Eonian Red adds a touch of color to your aquarium while promoting a healthy ecosystem.

  • Description

    Recreate the rich and diverse habitats of West Africa, tropical Asia, South America, and Oceania with the natural reddish tones of Eonian Red substrate. This substrate brings the impression of the kinds of silt and mud substrates found in these aquatic habitats, providing an authentic and natural look that is perfect for nature lovers and aquascaping enthusiasts.


    Eonian Red not only adds a unique touch of color to your aquarium but also helps to promote the natural behaviors and activities of aquatic species, such as digging and foraging. This creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere, allowing you to observe and enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of your aquatic plants and animals.


    In addition to its aesthetic benefits, Eonian Red also provides a complete nutrient supply of macro and microelements for your aquatic plants, promoting long-term growth and beauty. Its bio-filtering function enhances microbial colonization, reducing the buildup of harmful substances and promoting a healthy ecosystem for your fish and other aquatic animals.


    Use Eonian Red to create a mesmerizing and unforgettable aquascape that will inspire and delight aquarium hobbyists and nature lovers alike.

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • Do not rinse the substrate before use, it is ready to use.
  • Spread the Wetland Eonian Substrate evenly in the tank, ensuring an even layer throughout.
  • Wet the soil before proceeding with planting. This will help prevent the substrate from being disturbed and prevent clouding of the water.
  • For easy planting of small foreground plants, add fine-grain version on top of the normal grain version.
  • After planting, pour water gently on top of a hard surface to avoid upsetting the planted soil.
  • During the initial setup period, the aquarium water may turn cloudy. This is normal and should disappear in a few hours after turning on the filter.