WIO - Jade Stone

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Jade stone is a unique and highly sought-after green-colored stone that adds a fresh and unique look to aquascapes. Its singular color and shape make it ideal for Iwagumi style

  • Description

    Jade stone is a true gem of the natural world. Its distinctive green hue is created by the presence of iron, magnesium, and other metallic compounds that produce a stunning array of colors and reflections. Formed deep within the Earth's tectonic plate boundaries, jade stone is a rare and highly sought-after material that has been treasured by cultures around the world for centuries.


    In the aquascaping world, jade stone is a unique and versatile material that adds a fresh and unique touch to any aquascape. The singular color and shape of the stone are ideal for creating an Iwagumi style aquascape, and the texture and shades of green are deeply enhanced underwater, creating a stunning visual effect that is both soothing and mesmerizing.


    Jade stone can be easily crafted and broken to create small stone details and landslides, making it an ideal material for creating intricate and detailed aquascapes. Its highly sought after and rare nature, combined with its stunning beauty, make it a prized possession among aquascaping enthusiasts.


    Unlike some other stones, jade stone does not affect water hardness, making it a safe and ideal choice for aquascaping. However, due to its limited supply and high demand, it can be difficult to obtain. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some jade stone, consider yourself fortunate and keep them as a collector’s item as may be not available in the future. 

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • It can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments.
  • Rinse rocks and stones with water before use. Use a brush to clean it before introducing the stones in the aquarium.
  • Avoid placing rocks directly on the glass as they can be very heavy and sharp. Instead, place substrate or our LandForms before placing the hardscape to help fix the exact stone position with more freedom.
  • Always secure the stones, especially when placing one rock on top of another, you can do so with our ScapeBound, as the top rock may move or fall during regular maintenance, harming your dwellers or even breaking the aquarium.
  • Position stones a few centimeters/inches away from aquarium glass walls to facilitate maintenance.
  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals