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Elevate your scapes with PowerVol Base—a 100% natural volcanic substrate offering easy topography creation, optimal root nourishment, and active bio-filtering. Ideal for aquariums, paludariums, and terrariums.

  • Description

    Your essential building block for creating vibrant, healthy nature habitats. Crafted from 100% natural volcanic rock, this engineered substrate isn't just practical—it's also functionally advanced. By using PowerVol Base, you’re not just laying a base and volume foundation; you’re creating a flourishing ecosystem.

    Why PowerVol Base:

    Volumes and slopes: It is the perfect foundation to easily create base volumes and slopes for your scapes. Stable & Secure: Perfect for rock and root wood base, the volcanic rocks interlock firmly to ensure stability of the hardscape. Active Bio-Filtering: The porous volcanic rock is home to beneficial bacteria, enhancing water quality and contributing to a balanced aquatic environment .Nutrient-Rich: Rich in minerals and trace elements, PowerVol Base ensures your plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive. Oxygen-Rich Soil: Its open-pored structure allows for optimal oxygen supply, making your substrate a well-functioning biotope.

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

    • No need to rinse the substrate before use, it's ready to use.
    • Spread the PowerVol base substrate with a depth of 2-4 cm of PowerVol evenly in the tank.
    • Create slopes or volumes at will by adding extra PowerVol on top.
    • Now, you can arrange safely and securely the hardscape on top of the PowerVol that provides a stable foundation.
    • Once satisfied with the hardscape layout, cover with your chosen substrate, such as Eonian Series or Artist Series.
    • Pour water gently on top of a hard surface to avoid upsetting the planted soil.
    • During the initial setup period, the aquarium water may turn cloudy, but it should disappear in a few hours after turning on the filter.