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Inspired by the natural beauty of Yakushima Island in Japan, Rivulet is a Riverbed that showcases the balance and harmony found in wild habitats. This substrate includes a careful selection of natural materials, including stones, leaves, twigs, branches, shells, and sand, to create a calming and authentically natural atmosphere in your aquarium.

  • Description

    Nature is a perfect balance of harmony and contrast. It is this balance that we aimed to replicate in our Riverbed, Rivulet, inspired by Yakushima Island in Japan. Yakushima is a natural wonderland, known for its dense forests and green moose habitat. The unique ecosystem of the island is characterized by a delicate balance of organic materials, textures, colors, and shapes. We have carefully selected materials that mirror this balance to create a substrate that is both visually stunning and calming to the eye.


    The substrate includes pale, smooth stones that complement the soft, pale sand. Dark and light-colored leaves, small twigs and branches, and tiny shells in light and dark shades are carefully blended and balanced with the stones and sand. Each element is chosen for its beauty, detail, and contribution to the whole. The result is a substrate that is a perfect reflection of the natural balance found in wild habitats.


    Available in bags of 2 & 5kg, Rivulet is suitable for any type of aquarium or terrarium design. It is a 100% natural material and a non-toxic choice for your decor. It is easy to manipulate and spread in your aquarium.

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • It can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments, as a standalone substrate or mix with other sands, gravels, Riverbeds…
  • Pre-washed for your convenience, can be use without rinse. 
  • You can gently pass a net over the water surface to remove any floating particles.
  • The arbitrary distribution of the bag content creates a natural Riverbed impression with random densities and content mix, resulting in an easy, fun, and impressive way to create a true slice of nature.
  • These Riverbeds are suitable for everyone, from the newbie to the professional nature creator, and can be used to achieve outstanding results.
  • You don't need any special skills or tools to manipulate and spread the Riverbed in your aquarium or terrarium, making it an accessible and non-invasive way to enhance the natural look of your aquatic or terrestrial environment.
  • Riverbeds are made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials.
  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals.