WIO - Rocket Sand

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Introducing the new and improved Rocket Sand—now with inert sand that won't alter the pH or kH of your tank! Experience an even more captivating riverbed effect with its enhanced color range and added grain texture. A sophisticated blend of pale to rich dark grey grains takes your aquascape or terrarium to the next level.

  • Description

    Infused with inert sand, this improved formula is pH and kH neutral, ensuring a stable water chemistry for your aquatic or land-based habitats. The sand now features a more intricate mix of grain sizes and textures, providing a more authentic and visually stimulating riverbed effect. With its contrasting palette of pale to rich dark grey, the new Rocket Sand enriches the visual experience, making it unforgettable.


    Designed with both hobbyists and professionals in mind, Rocket Sand has been meticulously refined to meet the highest quality standards. Its enhanced characteristics make it an exceptional choice for anyone wanting to create a natural-looking biotope or aquascape.

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

  • Versatile for both aquatic and terrarium environments; can be used as a standalone substrate or mixed with other sands and gravels.
  • Pre-washed for your convenience, allowing for immediate use without rinsing. To fill up the tank, pour water carefully onto a surface to avoid disturbing the sand bed.
  • Optional: You may rinse the sand before adding it to your tank to remove any residual dust or particles.
  • A gentle sweep with a net can be used to remove any floating particles after placement.
  • As always, our upgraded Rocket Sand is safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals.