WIO - Vistas Shallow - 120f (120x50x30cm)

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Explore the balance between the aquatic and the emerged with the VISTAS F - SHALLOW. This unique tank brings a panoramic underwater vista while beautifully showcasing the emerged line.

  • Description

    The VISTAS F - SHALLOW is more than just an aquarium; it's a window into the harmonious coexistence of underwater and above-water worlds. 


    This beautifully crafted minimalist tank, made from ultra-optical glass, offers a balance between showcasing a broad underwater view and the stunning emerged line. With its front-top viewing design, you get a dynamic perspective of the aquatic environment, bringing the captivating beauty of both realms into your space. 


    Each VISTAS F - SHALLOW tank is proudly made in Europe, embodying the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. 


    Experience the interplay of aquatic life and plant beauty, framed perfectly in our SHALLOW tank.


    Available sizes:


    - VISTAS 30F: 30x18x16cm.  8L / 5mm thickness

    - VISTAS 36F: 36x22x18cm.  14L / 5mm thickness

    - VISTAS 45F: 45x27x20cm.  24L / 5mm thickness

    - VISTAS 60F: 60x35x22cm.  40L / 5mm thickness

    - VISTAS 75F: 75x40x25cm.  75L / 6mm thickness

    - VISTAS 90F: 90x45x28cm.  113L / 8mm thickness

    - VISTAS 120F: 120x50x30cm.  180L / 8mm thickness

    - VISTAS CUSTOM: Please, contact us.

  • Key Points

  • Characteristics

  • Usage

Step 1: Unpack Your VISTAS 

  • Carefully unpack your VISTAS tank from its packaging. 


Step 2: Clean the Tank

  • Before setting up your tank, it is essential to clean it to remove any residual dust or manufacturing debris. Use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water. 


Step 3: Position the VISTAS Mat

  • Before placing the tank, it is highly recommended for best tank protection to position the VISTAS Mat*. Put the tank on a flat, sturdy surface such as the Woddy cabinets* where you intend to set up your aquarium. Ensure that the surface is level. 

*Our Vistas Mats are specially design for our Vistas Tanks.

*Our Woody cabinets are specially design for our Vistas Tanks.


Step 4: Place the Tank

  • Gently place your VISTAS tank onto the mat, ensuring it is centered and covers the entire surface of the mat. Avoid any sudden movements that could cause stress to the aquarium glass.


Step 5: Your tank is ready

  • Your VISTAS aquarium is now set up and ready to become the canvas for your natural creations. Enjoy the process of bringing your vision of nature to life!