Zoo Med Lace Fern

By Zoo Med
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Zoo Med's Naturalistic Flora is a life-like artificial foliage to enhance any terrarium or paludarium.

The Zoo Med Lace Fern is a realistic artificial plant that is perfect for adding a touch of tropical foliage to your terrarium or paludarium.
The plant is made of durable plastic and features water-resistant leaves that will not wilt or fade.
The Lace Fern is also large enough to provide privacy and shelter for your animals, and it encourages natural drinking behavior with a mister or fogger by collecting water droplets in its leaves.
Approximately 15-20 cm in diameter and 25 cm in height.

  • Life-like foliage to enhance your Terrarium or Paludarium.
  • It provides privacy and shelter for your animal.
  • Water resistant.