Zoo Med Paludarium Filter 20 (60gph)

By Zoo Med
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The perfect, small-profile filter for use in a paludarium or other smaller water feature or setup. Zoo Med's Paludarium filter is fully-submersible, and includes a spray bar return to act as a gentle trickle back into your setup. Easy-access filter door makes it easy to change out media without fully removing the filter and disturbing your landscape.


  • Low-profile corner filter keeps your Paludarium water feature clean and clear.
  • Easy open door to clean filter cartridges without removing the main filter from water.
  • Spray bar included.
  • Fully submersible low-profile filter.
  • Adjustable dial to control flow rate.
  • Provides sufficient filtration for Paludarium water features with up to 10 Gallons (PF-10) or 20 gallons (PF-11) of water.
  • Can be mounted horizontally for lower profile tanks or vertically in the corner.
  • Outflow arm can be rotated 90o.
  • Extra long 9.8' (3 m) cord.