Exo Terra Heating Rock Small

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Electronic Heat Stone

  • Easy to clean
  • Natural look
  • Promotes natural behaviour
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Electronically-controlled heating element
  • Even heat distribution
  • Fully-encased element
  • Energy efficient

The Heat Wave Rock simulates a stone heated by the sun (in nature, even after sunset, stones maintain some heat for several hours). Various reptiles, including nocturnal, use this form of conductive heat for thermoregulation which is important for metabolism and digestion.

The Heat Wave Rock automatically shuts off when a certain surface temperature is reached to prevent burns or overheating. The fully-encased electronically controlled heating element covers the stone, prevent hot spots.

The special thermal conductive resin is waterproof, non-toxic, easy to clean and ensures an even heat distribution. Natural looking Heat Wave Rocks are available in three sizes and are easy to integrate in any terrarium set-up; humid or dry.

Can be used with the Exo Terra Thermostats.

It is important to leave sufficient ‘cold spots’ to provide the animals with options and make thermoregulation possible.

Available in 5, 10 and 15 Watts


 15.5 X 10 X 3 cm


Reptiles are ectotherm and thus need a specific ambient temperature, in order to thrive. The Exo Terra® In-Tank Heaters increase the ambient temperature which will allow your reptiles to reach their preferred body temperature for enhanced activity and the healthy digestion of their food items.


The realistic and natural design of the Exo Terra® Heat Rock simulates a stone heated by the sun and integrates seamlessly in any type of terrarium. The Exo Terra® Turtle Heater has a compact design and allows you to easily conceal the heater behind a visual barrier, like a rock, a piece of driftwood or some plants.


The Infrared heat radiation will aid cell growth, wound-healing, promote the immune system, protect against UV damage, and stimulate many other biological processes. The Exo Terra® In-Tank Heaters provide the conductive heat directly where it is needed most, making them highly energy efficient. Because the Exo Terra® In-Tank Heaters do not emit any visible light, the long wave infrared heat produced by these emitters will not disrupt the animals day and night cycle, making it an excellent 24-hour radiant heat source for reptiles and amphibians.