Exo Terra Paludarium Small Extra Tall 45 x 45 x 90cm

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Advanced Paludarium & Rainforest Terrarium

  • Front window ventilation
  • Dual doors – prevent escapes
  • Aqua-terrarium combo – extra deep waterproof bottom
  • Raised Bottom Frame for the Exo Terra Heat Mat
  • High quality stainless steel mesh for optimal ventilation & UVB penetration
  • Lockable door for safety
  • Four screen cover locks for security
  • Closable inlets for wires and tubing
  • Background included
  • Background cut-out for wires and tubing

Terrarium meets Aquarium: The Exo Terra Paludarium is a semi-aquatic terrarium habitat that replicates a rainforest, swamp or stream and can harbour aquatic as well as terrestrial animal and plant species. A paludarium combines the best of two worlds: the bottom part has an extra high front bottom glass, providing a higher water level and an increased water volume compared to common terrariums.

The unique root background provides extra climbing opportunities and simulates a natural banyan tree-root environment. The increased 3-D dwelling space makes it a great habitat for a number of tree dwelling species like tree boas & pythons, day geckos, leaf-tailed geckos, tokay geckos, tree frogs, etc.

The extra high front bottom glass of the Exo Terra Paludarium enables you to incorporate a substantial water part or aquarium section, which allows you to keep aquatic animals and plants adjacent to the land or terrarium section. A part of the aquatic section can consist of a false bottom to support the land section, accommodate and hide the aquatic appliances like filters, pumps and water heaters and can double as a biological filtration media.


45 X 45 X 90 cm

18 X 18 X 36 "


Terrestrial Zone (1): a land area with plants, trees, bushes and rocks that never submerges In tropical climates a variety of invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians occur here.


Riparian Zone (2): zone or river bank is the interface between land and water. It is inhabited by semi-aquatic reptiles and amphibians.

Aquatic Zone (3): can be a stream, pond or even lake – home to turtles, aquatic amphibians, fishes and freshwater shrimps.


The full screen top ventilation allows UVB and infrared penetration, and is completely removable for easy access while decorating or cleaning. In the back of the screen cover are 5 closable wire or tube inlets on both sides to install waterfalls, pumps, aquarium heaters, sensors, etc. inside the terrarium.


Various types of reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrats and plants can be housed in a paludarium. For more information, read our blogpost about the paludarium.


The patented dual ventilation system keeps the front glass doors free of condensation, even in humid conditions. It creates a natural upward flow of air to ensure optimal and healthy conditions.


The all-glass Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium has dual front opening doors and a removable stainless steel screen top to allow easy access for cleaning, maintenance and feeding. The dual front opening doors come with a reliable locking-system to prevent unwanted or accidental opening to make sure your terrarium inhabitants remain safe and secure in their habitat. 



The Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium is a versatile and easily adaptable terrarium that can be used for various applications and set-ups; from a sterile housing to a state-of-the-art natural terrarium, from a desert terrarium to a tropical terrarium. The watertight bottom can be used for either deep layers of substrate, or to create a stunning Paludarium. Numerous accessories are available, especially designed to customize the Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium. These accessories enable you to create the perfect environment for your reptiles and amphibians.