Exo Terra Porcelain Wire Clamp Lamp - Small

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Exo Terra Porcelain Wire Clamp Lamp - Small is not currently in our store but there is more on the way. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your order. Subject to availability.


Porcelain Wire Lamp

  • Heat-resistant porcelain socket
  • Rated for up to 250 Watts
  • Suitable for the Exo Terra® Light Bracket
  • Ideal for Heat Wave Lamps (ceramic heat emitters), Solar Glo lamps (self-ballasted mercury vapour bulbs), or high wattage incandescent bulbs.

The Exo Terra Wire Light has a heat resistant porcelain socket designed to withstand up to 150 Watts. Ideal for use with Heat Wave Lamps (ceramic heat emitters), self-ballasted mercury vapour bulbs, and all types of regular incandescent bulbs. The wire guard prevents unnecessary heat build-up. The Exo Terra Wire Light is the only lamp that meets all safety regulations when used in conjunction with the Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp. Combine the Wire Light with the Exo Terra Light Bracket to suspend it securely above any glass terrarium.

When used with the Exo Terra Terrariums, please use in conjunction with the Exo Terra Light Bracket.

Available in 2 sizes.

Pet care fixture for use with Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates only!


The stylish and functional design of the Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures makes these fixtures the ideal choice for use on any terrarium. The sleek black design of the Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures fit any terrarium style and integrates perfectly into any living room. The aluminum reflector of the Dome Fixtures increases the light, UVA, UVB, and heat output significantly. The heat resistant multi-purpose ceramic socket accommodates a variety of screw-based compact fluorescent bulbs or incandescent bulbs. The Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures give you the versatility of placing light, UVA, UVB and/or heat sources on your terrarium exactly where needed. Combine multiple Dome Fixtures with specific light or heat bulbs to create the ideal lighting system. 


Exo Terra® offers a suitable fixture for any type of lighting or heating element of your choice. The Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures allow you to customize the lighting and heating system to the needs of your animals. Combining multiple Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures enables you to  provide a high intensity daylight spectrum, UV light to animals with UV-requirements, and heat gradients for thermoregulation. Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures are of high quality, are easy to install, and fit perfectly on your terrarium.


Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures increase the safety when using heating or lighting bulbs on your terrarium. All Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures comply with both European and North American safety regulations and have been subject to testing by independent laboratories. Exo Terra® Dome Fixtures are tested and approved by professionals to ensure the safety of you and your reptiles.