Exo Terra Reptile Incubation Tub

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Reptile Egg Incubation Box

  • Improves Hatch Rates!
  • Holds up to 12 eggs
  • Suspended Incubation Method allows Substrate-less Incubation
  • Ensures constant and sufficient humidity
  • Easy-to-use; no more hassle to maintain correct substrate humidity
  • Substrate-less, hygienic incubation method helps prevent moulding of the eggs
  • Eliminates the risk of impaction in hatchlings
  • Made from safe, non-toxic food grade polypropylene
  • Durable and easy to disinfect
  • Integrated thermometer to check the temperature inside the egg incubation box
  • Clear Incubation Box allows monitoring of the eggs without opening the lid
  • Facilitates candling of reptile eggs
  • Rectangular shape utilises the space inside your incubator more efficiently
  • Perfect for use in the Precision Incubator PRO

The Exo Terra Incubation Box makes incubating reptile eggs safer, less complicated and improves hatch rates. The Exo Terra Incubation Box is based on the Suspended Incubation Method, meaning the eggs will be suspended in a specifically designed tray “above” water or substrate, not embedded “in” a moist substrate. This method not only ensures maximum gas exchange between the permeable egg membrane and the surrounding air in the container, it also allows the eggs to absorb sufficient moisture from the ambient humidity in the container.

The increased oxygen absorption results in improved hatch rates and stronger neonates. The specifically designed egg tray holds up to 12 eggs with a maximum size of 380mm x 180mm (15″ x 7″) and is designed to keep the hatchlings from entering the water or substrate section. This eliminates the risk of drowning in the water part or suffering from impaction because neonates ingest substrate particles while eating their first shed skin. While conventional incubation methods with moist substrate rely on the complicated and constant monitoring of the substrate/moisture levels, the Suspended Incubation Method is hassle-free. The Incubation box is made from durable, non-toxic food grade polypropylene and can be easily cleaned, disinfected and reused for multiple clutches. The substrate-less, hygienic incubation method keeps the eggs separated and helps to prevent moulding of the eggs. The integrated thermometer allows you to check the actual temperature inside the egg incubation box rather than relying on the overall temperature measurement in the Incubator. The transparent sides and large viewing window in the lid of the Incubation Box allow you to monitor the eggs, temperature or hatching process without opening the lid. The transparency of the egg tray facilitates candling of reptile eggs. Rather than removing a reptile egg from the substrate (in the traditional substrate incubation method) or picking it out of the egg tray you can simply take the egg tray and candle the eggs through the transparent tray without removing them.

The rectangular shape of the Incubation Box utilises the space inside your incubator more efficiently than rounded containers. The Exo Terra Reptile Egg Incubation Box is perfect for use in the Exo Terra Precision Incubator PRO (PT2444). The Precision Incubator PRO holds 6 Incubation Boxes single stacked or 12 Incubation Boxes if double stacked.

1. Open the Incubation Box and remove the egg tray.
2. Fill the box with 1 cm of substrate of your choice (vermiculite, perlite or waterel) and add 100 mL of water. Since the eggs do not come in direct contact with the substrate, the substrate can be saturated with water at no risk to the eggs. You can also choose not to use substrate at all and just fill the box with 1 cm of water. We do not recommend this method because when handling the incubation box, the free-standing water might splash-up and damage or over-moisten the eggs, resulting in the loss of eggs.
3. Place the egg tray back in the box and check if there’s still sufficient space (minimum 4 mm or ⅙”) between the substrate and the egg tray to allow optimal air circulation around the egg. This will allow the egg maximum gas exchange, absorb oxygen and moisture to maintain optimal levels for healthy development.
4. Remove the eggs from the egg laying site without changing their original position.
5. Gently place the eggs in the egg cavities and close the Incubation Box with the lid.
6. Place the box in the Precision Incubator PRO set to the correct temperature.
7. The lid comes with 1 pre-drilled pin hole for ventilation. The combination of the pin hole, together with the weekly opening of the lid while checking on the eggs, provides adequate ventilation. In case you prefer not to open the lid on a weekly basis, or you need to incubate very sensitive eggs that need extra ventilation, you can add 1-2 extra pin holes.
8. If you notice that most of the water has evaporated (Incubation Box becoming significantly lighter), you can easily add water by removing the egg tray and adding some water to the substrate. If you prefer not to remove the egg tray, you can use a pipette or syringe to top up the water via the thermometer space in the middle of the Incubation Box. Make sure that no water is spilled over the eggs!
9. Once all eggs have hatched, the Incubation Box can be cleaned, disinfected and stacked for storage until the next breeding season.


16.5 X 11 X 5 cm

6.5 X 4.4 X 2 "


The Exo Terra® Incubation Devices are extremely accurate and keep the temperature and moisture at the desired set-point with a much higher accuracy than conventional Incubators and virtually eliminates temperature swings in the egg incubation boxes.


The Exo Terra® Incubation Devices make incubating reptile eggs safer, less complicated, and improve hatching rates. No matter if you prefer the Suspended Incubation Method or the more traditional Incubation Substrate method, with the Exo Terra® Incubation Devices your reptile eggs are easy to incubate. The Exo Terra® Incubation Devices are the only incubating devices on the market that control both temperature and humidity with high accuracy.


The Exo Terra® Incubation Devices easy-to-read LED screen displays actual and pre-set temperature & humidity levels facilitating the monitoring of the incubating conditions. The Incubation Devices come with a transparent lid which allows easy monitoring of the incubation and hatching process without the need to open the incubator or incubation box, reducing the loss of temperature or humidity.