Exo Terra Terrarium Lock

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Terrarium Lock

  • Secure combination lock
  • Prevents accidental opening
  • Child-proof
  • Suitable for all Exo Terra Glass Terrariums

Fits all Exo Terra Natural Terrariums. Not suitable for the Exo Terra Dart Frog Terrarium (PT2745) and Tree Frog Terrarium (PT2746).


The Exo Terra® Handling Tools are designed to make handling your animals easier, safer and less stressful for both the handler and the animal. By using a Handling Tool your animals will not easily get scared or stressed, as they do not perceive the tool as dangerous. The Exo Terra® Handling Tools are practical and easy to use, both in the terrarium as on field herping trips.


Exo Terra® Handling Tools are useful tools for everyday tasks, such as removing your animals for terrarium maintenance or transferring them to separate feeding locations. Exo Terra® Handling Tools can also be used to move terrarium décor without frightening your animals.

Reduces stress


The Exo Terra® Safety Tools are light-weight and strong, and all surfaces are smooth and rounded to prevent injuries.