Exo Terra Worm Dish Mealworm Feeder

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Mealworm Feeder

  • No Mess
  • Saves valuable supplements
  • Specially designed edge ring prevents escape
  • Natural look
  • Easy to clean

Exo Terra’s Worm Dish allows reptiles to see their food (mealworms), but the specially designed edge ring prevents the mealworms from escaping. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be easily added to the dish, and any excess powder can be reused. The Exo Terra Worm Dish is constructed in two parts to facilitate cleaning.

Mealworms need to be contained when they’re placed inside the terrarium. If not, they will quickly ‘escape’ by digging their way into the substrate. There they will remain hidden until they can metamorphose into an inedible beetle. More likely, they will simply die, their decomposing bodies creating a banquet of harmful bacteria. The Exo Terra Worm Dish prevents mealworms from escaping, while allowing them to remain visible to the terrarium inhabitants.

Clean & fresh water


A permanent supply of food is important for the proper care and maintenance of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes ensure that ample food is always easy accessible for the terrarium inhabitants and that the food is kept clean and free of debris. The coated, non-porous inside surface of the Exo Terra®  Feeding Dishes will prevent the development of harmful bacteria. The non-toxic, food-grade material used for the Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes is easy to clean and disinfect and allows you to create a healthy & hygienic environment for your animals. The Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes allow you to give your terrarium a natural appearance, while minimizing bacterial growth.


The Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes have a very natural and realistic rock finish on the outside and a smooth non-pitted surface on the inside. This naturalistic design allows easy integration in desert, tropical or any other type of terrarium. The Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes perfectly combine the natural, decorative aspect with hygiene and easy maintenance.

True to nature
Less Mess


The Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes are very stable and not easily tipped over by larger reptiles. Small reptiles, amphibians and insects can easily escape out of the Exo Terra® Feeding Dishes, via the built-in 'safety steps' inside the bowl, to prevent them from drowning.